One of the most difficult things for a family to go through is accompanying a family member through addiction recovery. However, it is also one of the most important things a family can do for someone struggling with addiction. Fortunately, no family has to do that alone. Foothills Centre for Change is here to help. Among our many programs, we have accommodations for including the family in the recovery progress. Below are just a few ways that the family can play a vital role in someone’s addiction recovery.

Showing Direct Support

One of the most important things family can do is offer their direct support to the person recovering. They need to know that their family wants to see them succeed and is ready to help them however possible along that process

Correcting & Avoiding Codependence

A risk when trying to help someone through an addiction is falling into the trap of codependency. This is usually defined by what is termed as a “dysfunctional” way of relating to others. Overwhelmed by the circumstances of life and their loved one’s addiction, they try to change the situation in the only ways they know how, but find it ineffective. The most notable symptoms of codependence are “band-aid” behavior, attempts to fix problems using methods generally unrelated to the problem.

Showing Indirect Support

What someone trying to recover from addiction really needs is the direct kind of treatment offered by a treatment center. In that process, the family helps most by encouraging the recovering member to participate fully in the treatment and helping reinforce their progress.

If you want to truly help your loved one change their life and overcome addiction, then the support that you give them will make all the difference. Foothills Centre for Change has everything you and your family need for that process. Contact us for more information today, we’d love nothing more than to help you and your family find happiness again.

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