Making the decision to go into addiction rehabilitation can be difficult. It represents the start of a life-changing course, full of unknowns. Foothills Centre for Change understands that, and we want to make that path as easy as possible. To help make the transition more comfortable, we have put together this guide on a few ways you and your loved ones can prepare for rehab and all the change that comes with it.

1. Address Your Obligations
In many cases, entering rehab means stepping away from work and family, and the associated responsibilities. Take steps before it’s time to begin treatment to make sure those matters will be taken care of.

2. Spend Time with Loved Ones
This suggestion is about filling up on the love and support they will offer. Their encouragement will help you maintain your strength and motivation as you work to achieve sobriety. You are, in effect, filling up your mental and emotional tank to make the trip through rehabilitation.

3. Make a Commitment
Most people who enter into rehab programs initially feel anxious, afraid and uncertain. This can cause them to question if they should really be there in the first few days while they feel uncomfortable. However, after that initial discomfort passes and people are really engaged in the treatment process, they begin to feel calm, content and a sense of belonging that often comes from connecting with people who are going through similar experiences. Those connections can lay a foundation of support that can last a lifetime.

4. Be Open Minded
Most people who choose to participate in addiction rehab have tried to end their addictions before, often multiple times in multiple ways. It’s important to understand that while rehabilitation will employ strategies you or your loved one may not have seen before, that’s part of what makes them effective. Try to distance yourself from preconceived notions about the experience.

Your team here at Foothills Centre for Change is ready to help you or your loved one overcome addiction, with every resource we have, and we know that these preparations will help you on that journey. For more information about our programs, or other questions about how to prepare, contact us today!

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