There is a myth out there that says people have to lose everything and hit a hard bottom before they are able to surrender and enter recovery.  A bottom can be when ever you decide that the life you are living is not working for you. A bottom can be when you decide you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. A bottom can be when you realize you life is not going
Recovery is a life-long process and doesn’t end upon completion of rehab or therapy. Foothills Centre For Change believes that the more treatment you receive, the better your chances are of remaining clean and sober. Preventing Relapse A relapse is a return to drug or alcohol use after a period of intentional sobriety. So a paramount goal of relapse prevention is to help you figure out and identify your personal triggers, such as when, where
Believe it or not, many who have been successful in recovering from alcoholism or addiction often attribute a large portion of their success in abstinence to a spiritual focus within their holistic alcohol and drug treatment program.  Unfortunately, many directly associate spirituality with religion and thus refuse to participate in this crucial recovery component. Knowing the difference between these two areas while placing a focus on spirituality may mean the difference between years of struggle
One of the important aspects of becoming free of addiction is being able to control your emotional state, especially when life doesn’t go the way you think it should. A lack of emotional maturity brings unhappiness and can prevent a normal person from progressing. It can also mean a greater potential for addictive behavior as a means of escape from the pain caused by wild emotions. And with addictions like drugs and alcohol, there’s not
With the rising media revolving around fighting crime, saving the day, being a hero or superhero, you may be inspired to fight your own battles and start saving the world by yourself. But how do you start saving the world? What is Your Super Power? You may want to have a cool superpower such as being super strong or having the ability to fly and save the weak. But if you think about it, these
Going somewhere you are unfamiliar with can be a stressful process which is why it is best to familiarize yourself with all the details. Knowing what to expect before attending rehab can reduce some of the worries and fears about the rehab process. So What Exactly Is Rehab?  Rehab is an intensive form of addiction treatment where you remain at a facility for a period of time and participate in group, individual and family therapy.
The entire process of going to a rehabilitation center can be hard on the person about to receive treatment. But we often forget that the people left behind are also affected by the entire process. Nothing is more difficult than seeing your loved one go through difficult times, but this shall pass. So, before you increase your worry lines, you may want to calm down and prepare your mind and heart for when a family
Active addiction does a real number on a person’s self-esteem, with all the worry, disappointments, lack of follow through and dishonesty we have subjected others to. While you are in rehab, you are in a cocoon of safety. This is done by design because the period of initial sobriety is so tenuous, and people in early recovery require intensive care and support. Even after achieving something as amazing as the initial quitting of a substance,
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