Our Caring Staff:

Parris Winsor – MPCC, CPCA

Parris Winsor is a Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling belonging to the Canadian Professional Counselors Association. She is known for her ability to create an environment that is comforting and safe, with her compassionate and understanding approach. She has a way of helping people to get in touch with deep feelings which is imperative to the healing process. She is skilled in trauma, grief, relationship and addiction counselling, and teaches many other necessary life skills, which she facilitates through workshops and groups. Parris has a passion for wellness, especially in physical and spiritual which she practices with the clients in daily morning yoga and meditation. She has knowledge in nutrition and alternative health therapies. Parris has been in recovery since 1995 herself and has worked with others through the twelve steps over this time.

Darren Gulka – RPN, BHSc.(N), NNPBC, BCCN&M

Darren has spent over 25 years gaining a diverse background in Mental Health & Substance Use. He began his psychiatric nursing career after receiving his diploma through Douglas College in 1995 and has since worked in numerous capacities which has included psychiatry, emergency services, education, case management, and clinical leadership. He received a conflict management certificate from the University of Calgary, that enabled him to serve as a court appointed Mediator for the City of Calgary, and later went on to complete his Bachelor of Health Science. As a life long learner, Darren continues to stay current in his knowledge through ongoing courses and conferences through UBC and the BC Centre on Substance Use.

Darren is skilled in crisis intervention, comprehensive assessments, counselling, medication management, and group facilitation. He always brings his passion for recovery and helping others experience the benefits of sobriety, while using a level of warmth, empathy, and respect he has gained throughout his own journey of recovery that began in 1991. When not working, Darren enjoys painting, boating, skiing and has an everlasting desire to nurture his musical interests.

Jackie-Ellen Watson, MSc Psychology

Jackie received her Master Degree from the University of Northern British Columbia in 1997. Although Jackie majored in Social Cognition, she has a broad spectrum of Master level achievements in Psychology including Social, Cognitive, Health and Developmental Psychology as well as Assessment of Psychological Characteristics, Multivariate Statistics and Research Design and Analysis. In additional to her MSc Thesis, Jackie published a variety of papers with peer-reviewed Journals such as the International Journal of Psychology, the Journal of Applied Social Psychology and Canadian Psychology as well as Educational and Psychological Measurement. During her graduate studies she received the University Presidents Graduate Scholarship as well as awards from the Canadian Psychological Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Jackie has 20+ years of professional experience working within education, non-profit and health care organizations. She also has training in Leadership, Coaching, Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Team Building and Performance Evaluation as well as Indigenous Cultural Competency.

Jackie has a lifelong connection with recovery and, for the past decade, she has focussed her energy toward applying her skills and knowledge to support people in recovery. Her compassion, knowledge and personal journey, combined with her dynamic personality, allow Jackie to connect easily with others and to constructively support others in their own personal recovery. Jackie knows that, with help, it is possible to recover from addiction and that long term recovery is achievable.

Laura Allen – Counsellor, Life Coach

Laura is a certified Life Coach and Professional Counsellor, currently completing her education to become registered. After numerous attempts at treatment herself, she began her recovery journey on July 1st, 2019. As a former client, Laura loves the opportunity to work at Foothills Centre for Change. She knows that from her own experience, the intimate setting, the workshops, and the 1-1 counselling are all amazing and life changing. She now finds that being a part of other people’s recovery is the most rewarding thing she’s ever done. She knows that her story can help save lives, and she can’t imagine doing anything else.

As a mother and full-time student, she doesn’t have a lot of spare time but when she does have some, she enjoys going for bike rides, swimming, and spending time with her friends and family. Her youngest reminds her to stay present, to play, to laugh and enjoy the small stuff.

Kalli Bruschetto – Counsellor, Life Coach

Kalli believes that the life experiences she has had allows her to be available and resourceful for those seeking support through the same circumstances. Her connection with Foothills Centre for Change has not only helped Kalli get on her own path of recovery, it has also provided a working opportunity to focus on her dream to actively use her education and life experiences to support, listen to, and work with others that wish to find recovery and healing. Kalli started her recovery journey in September, 2021, and began her education for coaching and counseling shortly after. Since that time, her passion for working with others has grown immensely. Her dedication, compassion, resourcefulness, and empathy make her accessible and understanding. The opportunity to work within Foothills Centre for Change is something Kalli is immeasurably grateful for and she looks forward to continuing to learn and grow within herself and with those around her. Kalli is a single mother, a full-time student, a part time worker, a lover of the outdoors and the biggest fan of witnessing others find healing and growth after pain or trauma.

Lisa Eimer, Counsellor

Lisa received her Diploma in psychology and counselling in 2021 and she is currently working towards her Registered Professional Counsellors designation. She has spent years in her own recovery from childhood trauma and addiction, and has come to a point in her life where she is able to devote time and effort to those who still suffer. Understanding the hardships and the work it takes to heal from such harms, she offers a safe and inviting space for others to feel comfortable to process their own sufferings. Lisa has extensive training through CMHA in which she was a crisis responder. She is also a Hospice Society volunteer providing her competent understandings of grief, loss, crisis interventions, and a quality of compassion. Currently Lisa is working towards her Masters in Reiki. She has also achieved other healing modality certificates and will continue to self-reflect and grow in a variety of ways so that she will be able to empower others to do the same.

Dr. Carolyn Jones – M.B., Ch.B. CCFP
Working out of Bastion Medical Centre, and proud to be in partnership with Foothills Centre for Change, Carolyn Jones, provides weekly reviews and client  appointments.

Carolyn is an experienced Family Physician (GP) who has had the opportunity to work with patients over the last decade in hospital and family practice.

Qualifying in 2006 from the University of Bristol in England, Carolyn has undergone extensive training in multiple specialties in hospital and community environments. From remote island practice to urgent care settings on the outskirts of London, England.

She applied for and was selected for Family Practice (GP) training and completed 7 years of postgraduate training in 2013. She works closely with her patient population using motivational techniques and recognized protocols to assist with substance withdrawal.

Dr. Steen B Andersen, BSc, MSc, MD. LMCC

As a retired Navy combat surgeon, and spending over 40 years as a physician in the medical field, Steen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Foothills team. He has practiced medicine in both Canada and the United States, and has published papers in medical journals on addiction related topics. With his own personal journey in recovery, he provides weekly lectures on issues pertaining to substance use.

Alex Konotop – Cook

Alex has a degree in Computer Science and a vast experience in customer service and technical support. However, he has always been passionate about cooking. In fact, his love for cooking sparked during his early years, when he watched his mother cooking delicious meals for him and his family. It was like a true act of magic for Alex and he has been eager to experiment with different recipes and techniques since then. He moved to Thailand in his early thirties, where he spent 7 years working in the education sector, traveling and exploring the beauty of Asian cuisine. A unique mix of spices, sweet and sour exotic fruits and a variety of flavors strengthened Alex’s interest in cooking even more. 

After moving to Canada, Alex joined the Foothills Team, where he got a chance to fulfill his old dream. As Alex is a supporter of healthy living, he was truly excited to have found a place where he could share his passion for healthy delicious food with others. He believes that cooking is not just about creating meals, but also about bringing people together and fostering a sense of community. He is dedicated to creating dishes that not only taste great but are also good for the body and that’s why he makes sure to use fresh, high-quality ingredients and is always looking for new recipes and ways to improve his skills.

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