Family Program

What Family Program Offers:

The effects of active addiction on any family system are profoundly difficult and hard to understand for all involved.  The addict or alcoholic makes choices that are irrational, hurtful and sometimes driven by intense anger.  The members of the immediate family and surrounding members are left wondering who this person is and what happened to their loved one.  The confusion and resulting fear are debilitating.

Given these truths, shared with us from countless family members of addicts and alcoholics, the staff at Foothills Centre for Change has designed family retreats with the primary goal of facilitating healing for all involved.  Educational topics specific to addictive illness, enabling, effective boundaries and codependency are included along with time to rebuild their relationships with the addicted person with facilitation from our competent and caring staff.

Answers to questions like these will be provided along with many others that families ask:
“What did we do to cause this change in our loved one?”
“Why don’t they just stop, don’t they realize what this is doing to us?”
“Why do I feel so helpless?”
“What do we do to make sure this does not happen again?” and
“What happens after treatment, what can we do to help?”

These retreats are scheduled to allow for maximum participation from the families involved and held on site at our location in Salmon Arm, BC.  We begin the retreat working with just the family members on a Friday morning, continuing on through the following day with family group on Saturday, including the family member in treatment with us.  Lunch is provided on both days at the centre.  There is then time on Saturday night and Sunday morning for an extended visit leaving travel time on Sunday afternoon or evening for those families from out of the area.

We know from experience that it is almost impossible for any family to intuitively know how to cope with active addiction in the family system.  Let us share our experience, strength and hope with each of you so the healing can begin for all and so that you are not left feeling alone and left out of the treatment process.  We invite you to join us on this amazing journey to recovery.

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