At Foothills Center for Change we believe in a holistic approach.2014-07-04 17.29.41

We are made up of four quadrants, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. They are individual but inseparable. You cannot neglect one without affecting the others. If the physical is neglected it doesn’t take long before deficiencies start to affect the brains ability to provide mental stability and clarity. If blood sugars drop, we can expect emotional instability and perhaps depression and or anxiety. A person may deny the existence of spirit but that will not stop the empty void that occurs, or the feeling of hopelessness and despair that blankets us and robs us of positivity and courage.

In order to feel balanced and healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, one must tend to each area with some sort of attention daily. It is safe to say that while in active addiction this is probably not happening. More than likely, each quadrant has probably been lacking in care and attention and desperately needs some TLC.

Our program is designed to address each area and assist clients in practicing a routine balanced approach. This not only promotes wellness, it also provides the best possible condition for success in recovery. The emotional upheavals, the mental distortions and imbalances, the physical pain and spiritual void that takes us back out time and time again. When these issues are addressed, skills are achieved and overall stability is possible. We know from firsthand experience and practice of these principles that it works.

If it works for millions it can work for you too.


Each day is started with some form of exercise, whether it is yoga, walking or circuit training. Sporting activities can also be some things to expect at Foothills. Nutrition is an important aspect and is considered carefully. You can expect a well-balanced meal designed to restore nutrients as well as prevent cravings. Assessment and information about supplements such as vitamins and Amino-Acids may be utilized.


Workshops, one on one counselling, identifying cognitive distortions, group check-in and 12 step meetings will help to address some of the mental needs. The nutrients provided for the physical will also help the brain which in turn also assists the mental. Physical activity will provide essential endorphin’s to help provide a sense of well-being and joy.


The twelve steps are very helpful to our emotional sobriety. When we start to change, forgive, amend and have hope, our emotions start to feel more positive. These efforts start to create emotions that feel good. Talking and expressing our feelings through one on one sessions, groups and meetings, contribute to the healing and balance of our emotions. It is most important to express our feelings, this is provided in ways such as art group, anger management, grief and trauma counselling, narrative therapy and learning to just sit with our feelings, accepting and embracing.


Spiritual is not the same as religious. When we talk about spirituality we are referring to one’s spirit. That place one feels centered and grounded, where one feels they have come home, where you love the skin you’re in. This is where you may find hope, joy and serenity. It is where the soul feels a connection to something much bigger than self. When this is not nourished you can feel hopeless, alone and utter despair. This is a very individual and personal journey, one that is only discovered through our desires and beliefs. This looks different for many people. At Foothills we give you ample opportunity to discover your own preference. This is offered through experiencing nature, meditation and prayer, sharing with others, listening to others, art groups, as well as other spiritual tools and a spiritual awakenings as a result of doing the twelve steps. When we are spiritually connected, grounded and centered this also helps in every other quadrant. Spirit definitely impacts our existence and either can contribute to or, if neglected, contaminate our wellness.

There is no better feeling than to feel completely whole, balanced, to be excited and content about your own life. To overcome an addiction, to obtain necessary life skills, to be free of negative feelings, to learn how to love yourself and others, to learn a new way of life is just some of what you can expect when you come to Foothills. We do our best to uncover and address every aspect of your life that may be causing you misery, suffering or hardship, turning it around and setting you on a new path of living. The programs we offer are tried and true. They must be understood and practiced to have on-going benefits. Recovery is about discovering a new lifestyle, practicing a new way of living, and wanting much more for yourself. We take joy in helping you achieve that. It is our mission that at Foothills Centre for Change, you will be guided to find your greatest potential.

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