Believe it or not, many who have been successful in recovering from alcoholism or addiction often attribute a large portion of their success in abstinence to a spiritual focus within their holistic alcohol and drug treatment program.  Unfortunately, many directly associate spirituality with religion and thus refuse to participate in this crucial recovery component. Knowing the difference between these two areas while placing a focus on spirituality may mean the difference between years of struggle and perpetual freedom.

Role of Spirituality in Recovery

You may ask why researchers have often overlooked the role of religious and spiritual practices and beliefs in preventing use and relapse. But some studies have found that persons in recovery often experience spiritual awakenings during their quest for sobriety. The data suggests that persons in recovery often undergo life altering transformations as a result of embracing a power higher than one’s self, that is, a Higher Power. The result is often an intense spiritual journey that leads to sustained abstinence.

Spirituality, Not Religion

Spirituality is fluid, involving a search for meaning and a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. On the other hand, religion is concrete defined by specific doctrines and traditions. Spirituality has been a central part of drug and alcohol addiction treatment in the United States for a long time, and it plays an important role in healing and recovery for many people today. While addiction is a progressive clinical disease, it is also recognized as a spiritual imbalance. That’s why somehow, those who relapse typically blame a loss of spirituality on their setback.

Spirituality Also Helps The Non-Spiritual

You may be averted by the term “spirituality.” Nevertheless, you can still benefit from spiritual healing. You have to allow yourself to see that you have a spirit and this includes developing a clear definition of right and wrong; life balance; forgiveness; fostering unique strengths and talents; and becoming more aware of your needs and sense of self. It has something to do with doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Also, spirituality can help those recovering from drug or alcohol abuse to deal with challenges and stresses in a different, more positive way.

Dealing with Denial

Alcoholics and addicts are famous for their issues with denial. Though you may easily hide the truth from family and friends, it will be difficult to maintain these delusions while doing daily spiritual practices. Once you face your situation in an open and honest manner, the weight of denial will begin to fade. We at Foothills Centre for Change believe in the need for Spirituality and consider this to be a very important aspect to recovery. Contact us today for more information.

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