Foothills Centre for Change Treatment Programs

Foothills Centre For Change offers 30, 60, or 90 day programs.


Often considered the first stage of treatment, detoxification is the process by which the body clears itself of drugs and/or alcohol. Our detox services are designed to monitor and manage the acute and potentially dangerous physiological effects of stopping substance use, and to alleviate symptoms of withdrawal. Detoxification alone does not address the psychological, social, and behavioral problems associated with addiction and therefore does not typically produce lasting behavioral changes necessary for recovery. Detox should thus be followed by a formal assessment to identify the most appropriate addiction treatment follow up.

Residential Treatment

Foothills Centre for Change offers an affordable, comprehensive addictions treatment program. We provide services to adult men and women from all walks of life who struggle with an addictive lifestyle. Our competent and caring staff have created a safe and serene environment for you to begin your recovery from alcohol, drugs and other addictive behaviors. We can even help you get back into recovery after repeated relapses if motivated toward change and desiring recovery.

Our goal at Foothills Centre for Change is to give hope and help to all those affected by an addictive lifestyle. We do this through education and high quality holistic treatment. We offer you knowledge, support and a safe environment which coupled with your own motivation and sincere desire to live a better life and achieve recovery,  will equal success without question. We love what we do and are passionate about partnering with our guests to accomplish what they cannot do alone, and create a life beyond their expectations. The guests willingness to change is an indispensable component in the success of their outcome with us. In addition to the program here, we include support from and for the families and loved-ones of our guests, through scheduled family retreats. We send each guest home with an individualized aftercare plan that takes into consideration the resources available in the guest’s home community, with follow-up contact from our staff.

At Foothills Centre for Change, we use a combination of proven and evidence based methods to treat addiction and prevent future relapses from occurring including: Motivational Interviewing Techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Matrix Model Techniques, the Gorski System for Relapse Prevention and the Principles and Steps of Support Programs like AA and NA.

Due to our small guest population, we can provide more one to one personal time than most any other facility.

Recovery at the Foothills Centre for Change allows you to identify the behavioral health issues that are affecting your successful recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

We believe in the need for Spirituality and consider this to be a very important aspect to recovery; however we recognize that this can mean different things to different people. We respect the differences of our guest population and encourage their own personal spiritual journey.

We offer group therapy; gender specific men’s and women’s groups, individual therapy, as well as various other activities such as meditation, yoga, and alternative therapies throughout the week.

Our program schedule includes plenty of time for you to enjoy this beautiful, safe and serene environment, with morning meditation times as a part of our schedule. We also include time for physical activities, like yoga, swimming, tennis, trips to the fitness centre and hikes to the area’s most popular places.

You are special to us. You are the reason we are here, and we’re successful when you’re successful.

We also schedule Alumni Activities during the year to make it easier for you to keep up with the friends you made and to further support your recovery. When additional needs arise, you are always welcome to come back for a one to two week stay. After determining your needs, we will provide the best follow up to your initial program, to get you back on track.

Day Program

At Foothills Centre for Change, we recognize that due to life’s commitments, not everyone can engage in a long term residential stay. Therefore we have designed a day program that can be attended Monday to Saturday, from 8:30 to 4:00 pm

Our Day Treatment is an intensive, abstinence-based, lifestyle change group, followed by an aftercare program. The focus is to learn about addiction and recovery and provides guests with the tools they need to build a life-long recovery plan.

Treatment components are trauma informed and primarily group based. Our therapists use a bio-psycho-social-spiritual perspective, encompassing many different behavioral therapies and individual support. Various psycho-educational groups are offered, as well as yoga, meditation and community support groups.

Prior to entering the day treatment program, individuals must attend a one-on-one intake session with a program therapist, to assess stabilization and treatment readiness. Again the guests willingness to work hard along with a true desire to change is absolutely necessary in order to succeed.

Family Program

The effects of active addiction on any family system are profoundly difficult and hard to understand for all involved.  The addict or alcoholic makes choices that are irrational, hurtful and sometimes driven by intense anger.  The members of the immediate family and surrounding members are left wondering who this person is and what happened to their loved one.  The confusion and resulting fear are debilitating.

Given these truths, shared with us from countless family members of addicts and alcoholics, the staff at Foothills Centre for Change has designed family retreats with the primary goal of facilitating healing for all involved.  Educational topics specific to addictive illness, enabling, effective boundaries and codependency are included along with time to rebuild their relationships with the addicted person with facilitation from our competent and caring staff.

Answers to questions like these will be provided along with many others that families ask:

“What did we do to cause this change in our loved one?”
“Why don’t they just stop, don’t they realize what this is doing to us?”
“Why do I feel so helpless?”
“What do we do to make sure this does not happen again?” and
“What happens after treatment, what can we do to help?”

These retreats are scheduled to allow for maximum participation from the families involved and held on site at our location in Salmon Arm, BC.  We begin the retreat working with just the family members on a Friday morning, continuing on through the following day with family group on Saturday, including the family member in treatment with us.  Lunch is provided on both days at the centre.  There is then time on Saturday night and Sunday morning for an extended visit leaving travel time on Sunday afternoon or evening for those families from out of the area.

We know from experience that it is almost impossible for any family to intuitively know how to cope with active addiction in the family system.  Let us share our experience, strength and hope with each of you so the healing can begin for all and so that you are not left feeling alone and left out of the treatment process.

We invite you to join us on this amazing journey to recovery.


Completing drug or alcohol rehab is a major accomplishment, but it doesn’t mean that the work is done. During the weeks, months and even years after completing rehab, individuals in recovery are still at risk for relapse.

Statistics show that participants who have attended treatment are most vulnerable in the first few months after their return to everyday life, and a high percentage of relapse occurs within three months of a return back into the community.

We believe that the more treatment a person receives, the better his or her chances are of remaining clean & sober, and it is important for successful recovery and continued sobriety to receive ongoing support, education, relapse prevention strategies, community reintegration skills and fellowship.

At Foothills Centre for Change, we are committed to provide initial weekly phone contact, followed by an additional monthly check-in for 6 months.

We are available for ongoing/unlimited phone support for any guest needing continued reassurance and encouragement.

We also offer weekly follow-up group sessions locally, for alumni to attend.

Second Stage Housing

Second stage housing is available to those in early recovery who are clean and sober, looking for a safe environment. Total freedom can be much too tempting and risky for people newly in recovery. What we offer is freedom along with structure, support, guidance and peers with the same goals and principles. We understand how difficult it can be to face life’s challenges alone and how finances can create stress that leads to negative feelings and triggers. We are committed to offer affordable housing in a beautiful and safe home and helping people to incorporate responsibilities in a way that doesn’t become overwhelming or defeating.

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