There is a myth out there that says people have to lose everything and hit a hard bottom before they are able to surrender and enter recovery.  A bottom can be when ever you decide that the life you are living is not working for you. A bottom can be when you decide you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. A bottom can be when you realize you life is not going in the direction of your dreams. I think you get the idea. A bottom is, where ever you want it to be. Half the problem is peoples perception of what an addict / alcoholic are. If you have a set belief around this, based on the most extreme bottoms, chances are you may believe that is where you need to get to before you put up that white flag. People are raising there bottoms so much quicker and higher these days and aren’t sentenced to lose it all. No alcoholic or addict starts out on the street, drinking or using everyday, suffering from all they have lost. This disease is progressive and is cunning, baffling and powerful. What I mean by that is that the bottom sneaks up on you so slowly its hard to notice how many times you’ve crossed your own line of what is acceptable or notice your own deterioration.  It is almost impossible to have insight to your own progression of the disease. Quite often people think their loved owns are picking on them, being hard on them, being critical and negative or not showing enough compassion. The truth is, loved ones often have a much clearer perspective than the addict/ alcoholic themselves because of the denial aspect of this disease. Defense mechanisms like, denial, rationalization, minimizing, and justifying are too often the culprits in the addict / alcoholics ability to see the truth. What is most scary about that is the fact that this is a terminal disease and without the clarity of the truth an individual may die a very lonely death or at the least lose their jobs, relationships self respect and dignity as well as their health. If a person can recognize that they are trying constantly to control and manage their use, that they are hiding it, being dishonest about it or once they start they can’t stop, it is very likely they have a problem. As with any terminal disease, the individual needs treatment and support, guidance and help.  Our treatment centre offers, knowledge, support, healing and a new design for living that gets people on a course of action that reroutes their lives in the direction of their dreams and aspirations. 

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