Barry D

I am not proud to say that I have been in several treatment centres, but I am proud to say the last one I went to was Foothills Centre for Change. If Foothills was my first treatment centre perhaps my journey to sobriety wouldn’t have been as long. Darren and Parris foster an atmosphere of learning, healing, acceptance and love. When you leave, you leave knowing that you have an extended family. Foothills is a peaceful place. The individual counselling was of great benefit. Something that was impossible in my previous treatment centres. I can’t say enough good things about Foothills.

 Kevin B

The professionals at The Foothills Centre For Change are caring, compassionate, experts at rehabilitation and have helped me grow, become stronger and start living the life I deserve. The group sessions are particularly helpful as you get to know, and work side by side with all kinds of addicts, Parris and Darren are recovered addicts and know exactly how to use not only the AA & NA steps but many other great tools to help patients. Thanks for helping me get my life back!

Neil M

Foothills is a phenomenal facility that has thoroughly changed my life by being a part of it. If it worked for me, it can work for you. Let go of your past and move into your new life!

Tammy S

Hi I’d like to share just a little on what I learnt at Foothills Center for change and how it’s changed my life. I took the 90 day day program and here’s the tools I now have in my tool box I learnt about healthy boundaries , how to set them how to follow thru I learnt about taking ownership over my choices & not to blame others for where my life was , I learnt to no longer play victim to my childhood upbringing past relationships or present n that I have the power of choice I learnt I am only as sick as my secrets n as soon as I share them they lose all power n no longer control me I now know how to feel my emotions n how to cope with them I am not weak for sharing them or asking for help . Today I have self-love self-respect n self-worth I learnt about changing my belief systems n perspectives, if U are like me n are sick & tired of being sick & tired then why not give Yourself this gift or someone U love We are worth a happy , joyous & free life. The tools n skills that the incredible Staff teach & demonstrate I will carry with my for a life time. I am proud to say I am clean & sober as of Aug 1st 2015. I also have my son’s back in my care. Thank U Foothills Center for change n Ur incredible Staff sincerely Tammy S.

Jennifer W

If you’re ready to change your life for the better, this is the place you want to be. Trust me, I’ve been to other treatment centres and nothing compares to the knowledge and skills that Parris, Darren and the fantastic support staff can offer – they are not new to treatment and share freely of their own experience. I’ve gotten clean a sober before, this time I’m staying that way!


Darren was an enormous help to me while I was in treatment. His experience and background in addiction is not only an asset but I found it extremely helpful to work with someone who understands where I am coming from. It allowed me to open up more about myself and my issues surrounding my alcoholism and to do some real healing. Thank you Darren for helping me to get my life back again. You are amazing!

Brenda C

Parris can see through the layers we use to hide what our real issues are. She uses her well trained ears, her finely tuned intuition and her compassionate heart to gently pull back the layers and help you release what is no longer serving you and your life. If you want fast results and an opportunity to live a more effective and fulfilled life, work with Parris.


I seldom write testimonials, but after observing the counselling and treatment that my loved one received from Darren and Parris, I felt it was the least I could do. I have never dealt with a group as knowledgeable with addictions counselling. Their collective approach is kind, nurturing, and incredibly supportive – without allowing any BS to cloud the recovery process. They also immediately offered to spend counselling time with me which helped me so much with my understanding/acceptance of addiction and provided structure and hope for a healthy future for both me and my loved one. And the best part – their support has been just as solid after the treatment stay was completed! We can’t thank you enough for helping us get our sanity back!

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