For many long years, the only solutions to many addictions such as hard drugs, opiates, and others were either slow and painful reductions or abstinence. Not only was this a terrible prospect for most people (especially those who have tried to quit multiple times), it often didn’t work and led to relapse. Fortunately, at Foothills Centre for Change, we have adopted a revolutionary new treatment option for helping the brain rebalance itself from addiction: amino acid therapy. Here’s some information on how it works.

A Chemically-Unbalanced Mind

It all starts with the brain’s pleasure and communication centers, and the neurotransmitters that work to rely information between them: chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. Drugs and alcohol so easily affect the brain because of the delicate balance of these chemicals; the brain was not designed to easily manage or repair damage to these systems due to the use of heavy and prolonged drug use, and often can’t get the necessary “repair materials” through diet alone. Alcohol and drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines interfere with the pleasure centers of the brain, artificially mimicking them, stimulating them, or suppressing them. Use of these substances reduces the nervous system’s ability to function normally without them. This is addiction.

A Natural Method of Healing

Through a three to ten-day IV drip, essential vitamins and proteins can be introduced into the patient’s body to give the brain the “repair materials” it needs to reconstitute its vital systems. Through this process known as amino acid therapy, the likelihood of painful withdrawal and relapse can be greatly reduced. In fact, patients have told us that this form of therapy greatly reduced the emptiness, depression, anxiety, insomnia, pain, and fatigue that they’ve experienced in the past. After the treatment, vitamin and amino acid supplements continue to help the brain along the path of healing. Gaining acceptance in the therapy world, Foothills Centre for Change is proud to help people through this revolutionary mode of treatment.

If you want to truly change your life for the better and separate yourself from the painful substances that have brought you pain and despair, then trust Foothills Centre for Change to help you overcome your trials and help you bring balance to your life. Contact us for registration information today, we’d love nothing more than to help you find happiness again.

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