Active addiction does a real number on a person’s self-esteem, with all the worry, disappointments, lack of follow through and dishonesty we have subjected others to. While you are in rehab, you are in a cocoon of safety. This is done by design because the period of initial sobriety is so tenuous, and people in early recovery require intensive care and support.

Even after achieving something as amazing as the initial quitting of a substance, a recovering person often still feels hopeless, inadequate or even undeserving of happiness. It is normal to experience these emotions and feel isolated and alone when coping with the damage that comes with addiction to drugs or alcohol. It is easy to feel like you will never be “normal” again, and this can be a major trigger for relapse.

During treatment you will be living alongside others who are feeling the exact same way. Treatment facilitates an environment of positivity, and residents cheer one another on in their journeys. This sense of belonging is very motivational and can help you to stay on track more easily.

Many people must return to living situations that are hardly ideal for those who are trying to maintain their sobriety. Whether you go home to a stressful environment, contentious relationships or just an environment where it is too easy to access drugs and alcohol, being able to cope with all of that on top of the physical and emotional changes that go along with early sobriety is a tall order. And this is why learning the necessary skills in treatment are so vitally important. Call Foothills Centre for Change to equip yourself with the tools that will make you successful on your journey of recovery.

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