Foothills Centre For Change offers full support from qualified staff. We provide proven and effective programs covering addiction education, 12 step, and wellness/life skills. Our meetings are held in a beautiful home setting, and we feature healthy and delicious meals. Other amenities include medical support, yoga, meditation, massage, and on site gym. Allow us to care for you through your healing and changes.

Our small intimate peer group environment allows individuals to open up and connect with one another. Two individual sessions per week with a qualified counselor provides the space to get in touch with the source of the suffering so you can open up and heal. The home like setting creates an atmosphere of family and friends. Support and aftercare continue long after you leave. Family programs are available.

Success rate of 83%

Satisfaction rate of 97%

Recommendation rate 97%

Our Mission Statement:

blind bay sunsetFoothills Center for Change values integrity, confidentiality, safety and trust. We are committed to offering the best quality treatment. We dedicate ourselves to improving lives through awareness, self discovery, change, healing and growth. We are devoted to our client’s well-being and will support each individual along their journey in creating a life of hope, peace and happiness.

Our Vision:

Foothills Centre for Change will become a household name in the treatment industry. Foothills Centre for Change will be the most sought after Addiction Centre as a result of our extraordinary service and exceptional client success.

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